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Vive la tarte

A croissant lover you are, a wondrous experience you'll find!

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Clayton Barnett

Definitely one of my go-to place for that instant croissant fix. The location is the heart of the operation. From breathing life to the buttery dough to baking the aromatic flakey goodness, everything is done here at the industrial bakery.

I usually have a croissant with a latte: not too strong but not too weak in the coffee flavor with organic milk, which is not common at most cafes!

Those are great croissants that I tried:

- Almond croissant: there’s a dense filling inside and well toasted almond on top—very almondy!

- Mocha croissant: it’s amazing but very difficult to eat without making a mess. Super flakey also the bottom is buttery and crispy. There’s a filling inside, which is different from the cream on top but is not too sweet—this’s awesome!

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