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Bob's Donuts & Pastry Shop

Delicious Donuts!

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Clayton Barnett

First time trying these and they were delicious. They don't accept cash but you can pay with Apple pay or credit/debit card. There was a queue (which is normal here) and waited 5min but it was worth it!

We ordered (from favorite to less favorite):

- Old fashion Chocolate cake (loved the texture and taste)
- Glazed Raised (simple but tasty, could taste the dough and was super soft and not dry at all)
- Crumble cake (liked the crumbles!)
- Glazed chocolate (also nice, but you pretty much  only taste the chocolate)
- Butter milk (was good but perhaps to heavy and oily)
- Glazed Custard Bar (not bad but not a fan of custard)

Overall we pretty much liked all of them. So don't hesitate to go and grab some donuts for breakfast!
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