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Contraband Coffee Bar

The coffee is phenomenal. The donuts are just alright.

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Clayton Barnett

I finally got a chance to try Contraband Coffee and I have to say it lives up to the reviews. It's definitely a great coffee joint ... but with mediocre pastries. I don't know about this dynamo donuts business. They were ok. I think I prefer this traditional notion of donuts where they are fried and fluffy.

These donuts are full of ... I don't know. Then glazed with ... I don't know and sprinkled on top with ... well I was lost at "full of" so I didn't even get to the sprinkled part. Meh.

The coffee though. I also am a huge fan of their cups. There's just something about them that's so cozy and inviting. They make some great lattes (soy in particular) but also have really awesome smelling drip coffee which I will have to partake in next time.
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