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Yi Fang Taiwan Fruit Tea

This’s my boba spot.

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Aubrey Mills

Quality of drinks are in line with other Yifang locations (I live within 15mins of Stonestown, Colma, and Millbrae locations and get Yifang at least 2x/week)-- the Chinatown location is my lunchtime boba spot. Giving this Yifang 4 stars instead of 5 because the service here is slower than the other locations (yep, slower than Colma and Colma is the newest location!).

Yifang is popular for Brown Sugar Lattes (with and without tea), but my go-to's are:

- Orange Green Tea (I like it at 30% sugar, but it's a better sweetness at 50% for most given the fresh orange juice is sometimes sour)
- Kiwi Fruit Tea (50% sugar is the lowest and is perfect for me, but similarly, the fresh kiwi is sometimes sour)
-Sugarcane Mountain Tea (when it's in season, 30% sugar) because it's unique to Yifang

When I am feeling a milky drink, I like the Taro Green Tea Latte (full sugar on this one because it's a fresh homemade taro paste and it's sometimes not sweet at all). I do not recommend milk teas (tea latte) or cremas from Yifang because I find them too watery and the crema does not have a clean crisp creamy taste (can't explain, but it's nowhere near as good as Happy Lemon or even 85C's seasalt cremas), plus there are better places for those, especially around Chinatown (e.g. I-tea).
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