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Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

The store is quite clean, serves quite quickly, but the drink wasn't good

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Ryu Nishida

I felt like I wanted to drink a cup of bubble tea but most bubble tea options were sold out. So, I somehow got a cup of brown sugar pearl cocoa latte.

It seems quite good, right?
But the taste wasn't good: cocoa itself wasn't sweet enough to enjoy itself and pearls were relatively sweet so the drink as a whole were like a composition of completely different 2 things, pearls and a cup of cocoa latte.

As a result, I felt as if I were drinking a cup of bitter cocoa latte and eating pearls separately although I should be able to enjoy 2 things in a drink simultaneously:(

The quantity was huge but the price was like $6.5 so it may reflect the price.

In short, I don't recommend Brown Sugar Pearl Cocoa Latte at this store

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