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Ippudo San Francisco

This is my favorite ramen spot in SF.

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Alice Zhang

I've been to many - Mensho, Marufuku, Nojo, Iza, Orenchi Beyond, etc.

They are not even close to as good as the Karaka Spicy Ramen here with the Special (Seasoned Soft Boiled Egg, extra chashu, and roasted nori). I ordered Bakudan (extra spicy sauce) as well, which we shared in our ramens.

Wow. The broth is always amazing here and the thin, medium firm (you can request soft, medium or firm) hakata style noodles were perfect for the broth.

The broth packed umami, spicy and slightly sweet flavors without being too salty. Other places have super salty or peppery broth, but Ippudo has it right. Plenty of seating and usually no wait!

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