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Sextant Coffee Roasters

Sextant Coffee Roasters definitely has its pros and cons.

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Alice Zhang

- Lots of seating! I came around noon on a Saturday and there were so many tables empty. The interior is bright and airy too; perfect place to read or get some work done.
- They sell some other things too in a cooler, like kombucha or random prepared foods.
- The bathroom is very clean and high-tech. You ask the barista for a QR code & inside everything is automatic; no need to touch the door or anything which is kind of crazy!

- The coffee was......okay...? I tried an almond milk latte and a normal dairy gibraltar and didn't like either of them. Each one is supposed to contain 2 shots of espresso but neither of them actually tasted like coffee that much. For a place that roasts their own beans I'd expect a little better.
- No pastries or anything, just a few vegan cookie offerings.

Overall, cool, quiet place to sit but wouldn't go back for the coffee anytime soon.

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