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Tartine Bakery

Nearly perfect😆

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Ryu Nishida

I had 2 kinds of bread here

1. Frangipane Croissant $6

It was much better than another one I had.
I don’t exactly know what’s inside but all what I can tell you is that this’s filling inside and the taste is something very common in France! I remembered I ate lots of sweet bread with that filling in France!!

2. Pain au Chocolat $5.75

To be honest, it was quite crispy and good looking g outside but the chocolate filling inside lacked sweetness a little bit to be balanced as a whole:( but overall, it was good. As it looked quite good obviously, I must have expected too much for the taste!

I know things at this bakery are not quite reasonable but considering the portion sizes and the quality, I can say they aren’t overpricing👍

So if you can afford to get great pastries/bread, this bakery is quite recommended!! Indeed, I cannot wait to try other kinds of pastries or bread since I saw they had a verity of great looking stuff!!