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Moka Coffee

I do somewhat like this place, except for the coffee and the service.

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Holly Freeman

Came to this cute little coffee shop quite frequently actually, but I never enjoyed my drink as they always don't make it right. Whenever I come in, the baristas seem to be new and under training, or just really bad. The cashier more than frequently did not know the prices of the drinks I was getting. She usually got flustered and looked at the menu behind her and let me know.

As for the drinks, they oversteamed my cappuccino, and gave me a bitter/burnt  tasting mocha. As I was observing the barista making drinks in general, she just left the milk under the steamer and coming back to it. To have the perfect steamed milk, it needs the attention from its barista. No wonder they never make my coffee right with their half-hearted attention and care. (It wasn't even busy.)

The workers here never gave me a greeting or a friendly vibe. Not even a thank you.

Great atmosphere for getting work done
Free wifi
Plenty of outlets
Little to no wait to get your drinks

Bad coffee
Bad service

Overall, I tried really hard to like this place and gave them multiple shots, thinking maybe they are just having an off-day and/or a new hire because I want to less frequent the corporate run coffee shops and support local businesses. However, I left with disappointment each time.

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