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Pinhole Coffee

Pinhole coffee is definitely the best!

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Bill Ray

The owner, JoEllen is as sweet and kind as they come. As a result, her staff is just the same! They create a warm & welcoming environment.

I am fond of the thing that they don't provide WiFi, because it makes an atmosphere where people talk & chat!!

It's a neighborhood joint for Bernal Heights dwellers (though all are welcome!) and I've so appreciated bumping into neighborhood friends and meeting new ones.

Their coffee drinks, teas, & pastries (regular & gluten-free options) are delicious. My fave snack is the "Everything Croissant." I love their lattes & other espresso drinks - super tasty & artfully made. I'm more of a tea person, though, & their teas are carefully selected & very high quality. They encourage families to visit & even make a decaf espresso(no caffeine, but steamed milk & honey, if I'm not mistaken).

At the risk of going on too much, it's also beautiful inside, with murals (inside & outside, actually). I'll just leave this now saying that next time you're in Bernal Heights, you must visit. You won't regret it.

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