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Pinhole Coffee

Quality neighborhood coffee shop.

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Phillip Nichols

I visited in the morning and there was a small line out the door. The seating inside is somewhat limited but I could find a space at the communal table. The decor is vibrant and fun, making the place quite photogenic - Instagram worthy shots made easy.

For serious coffee aficionados, Pinhole actually carries and assortment of beans from various roasters. I believe they use Linea for their espresso, Verve for their drip and pour over, with a rotating third option featuring yet another roaster. Very cool.

I ordered an almond milk decaf cappuccino, regular cappuccino, and matcha custard cake (they have a selection of tasty treats from Third Culture Bakery to enjoy with your coffee). Heads up! For those who are looking for milk alternatives, they don't serve soy milk here. They carry almond milk or oat milk, however.

Overall, a great place to grab a quality cup.

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