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Saint Frank Coffee

Overall, I would come back and try their other drinks!

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Holly Freeman

I've been on a phase of trying out different coffee places and Saint Frank's flight caught my eye. I haven't seen any other places in the Bay Area that offered that so I definitely wanted to give it a try. For $8, you get to try coffee that's prepped in 4 ways. You also have the option to add milk and sugar if you liked, but I drank it the way it was. There was one that was too acidic for me, but I did enjoyed the other 3. The baristas were also very knowledgeable in explaining the coffees, but it was a bit hard to hear with the music playing.

I came here on a Friday afternoon and was able to find parking right outside. The shop is a decent size with both small and large tables available. There's also an upstairs area, but I didn't go up to check it out.
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