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Flywheel Coffee Roasters

Flywheel is most definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in Bay Area!

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Mabel Hoffman

It's rare that you find a shop that has ample space and wifi (2-hour free) for working. Located near the Haight, Flywheel definitely is the best shop in that area.

The shop is very beautifully decorated, and got this clean wooden aesthetic to it. They also take their craft very seriously as well. Never had a bad coffee there, and the baristas always top it off with nice latte art.

Parking in the area could be a bit tough, but it's better than many other areas in SF. They have small selection of pastries for purchase, and they also roast their beans at the back of the shop, ...a one stop shop if you will. If you want a great coffee and a place to hang/study/work out of, Flywheel is definitely an ideal spot.

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