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Sightglass Coffee

How could a coffee shop not have wifi??

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Aubrey Mills

My friends and I wanted coffee to start our day. We decided to try this place out since it was close by to where we were staying at. You can find metered parking. We came on a Sunday so I believe it was free.

Anyways, it took me a while to decide what to order so I just decided to order the Vanilla Paste Latte. After ordering, I went to use the restroom afterwards so when I came out, I wouldn't have to wait so long for my name to be called. There was two gender neutral restrooms available. When I came back out, I was surprised that I still had to wait a bit longer. I was more surprised when my friend got her drinks before me even though she ordered after me. While waiting, these two guys also got their drinks before me when they ordered after me too! I was like what the. Shouldn't the order be my first come, first serve??

Finally when my name was called, I went to grab my drink. They made a little artwork, which is cute. The drink itself was meh. I couldn't really taste much vanilla. It was a bit bland....

Also, this place does not have wifi... How could a coffee shop not have wifi?? Well not that I needed wifi but I was just saying for those who wanted to study or do homework, I don't suggest coming here.

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