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Iza Ramen Lower Haight

Address: 237 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States



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Holly Freeman

Probably would come back if I'm craving ramen, but it was nothing mind blowing.

Came here for dinner on a Friday night, not much of a line with two parties ahead of us. The interior is dim lit so possibly a decent place for a date. Just make sure to have subject matter to talk about while waiting awkwardly outside. Just kidding.

Ordered the chicken karaage. Pretty much perfectly cooked and tender, not much fat or tendon. Many ramen places either over fry the chicken or the chicken is just of poor quality. Not here. The dipping sauce was also good in making each bite more unique than just eating fried chicken.

Also ordered the Tonkotsu ramen. Portion sizes could definitely be bigger. I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're extremely hungry unless you're ready to shell out some cash to order a noodle bowl and some rice bowl and perhaps some appetizers. The rice bowls however, are of decent size. Noodles were a little harder than I'd like, but perhaps they're supposed to be that way, I can't be too sure. Broth wasn't overly salty, which is a plus.

Service was overall decent, but definitely room for improvement; waiters could pay a little more attention. Took a while to get the bill and for them to notice.

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Luis Moreno

The service was nice and I found a type of ramen I like here!

The Iza Ramen $14.50 was a little too sweet for me.
The Iza Tsukemen $14.50 broth was too thick. I guess I'm Goldilocks when it comes to ramen. We also ordered the Spicy Iza Ramen $15. This was my favorite of the three. The service was nice and I appreciate this place for helping me narrow down which type of ramen I prefer.

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Bill Ray

I love Iza Ramen!

I've visited the SOMA location a couple times and came here since the other location isn't open for Saturday lunch. We ordered the karaage chicken as an app and Iza Ramen (regular). The chicken comes out with ~4-5 large pieces. The chicken was moist and skin was crispy. I couldn't tell what their sauce was but I didn't like it.

I love the broth and noodles here! Perfectly chewy noodles. I think the broth at this location taste a lot more oily than the SOMA location though. It didn't taste as light or hearty unfortunately.

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