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Urban Ritual

Address: 488 Fell St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States



Profile Image of Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Get the Creme Brulee - GET IT.

The boba was the right texture - not too sweet. The burnt sugar added a little crunchiness to the boba and will soften over time. The whole thing is more like a dessert rather than regular milk tea, as it's pretty filling. I didn't think it was too sweet for me, but I can see why some people might think it is.

So if you're reading this and is hungry for some dessert - go get the creme brulee!!!

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Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George

Urban Ritual is so so good!

I'm in love with their creme brulee boba - it literally tastes like the perfect combo between the two and the cherry on top is the burnt sugar they put on top - it adds the perfect texture. I can't wait to try some of their other flavors as well; their matcha toffee definitely caught my eye on the menu.

#sf #bobatea #drink #bubbletea

Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Honestly innovative flavors and the tea is top notch.

Almost comparable to Boba Guys in quality in the tea and milk they use. Got the Matcha Toffee and it was strong in macha flavor with the little bits of toffee. Never had anything like it and I was impressed. The drink was more on the tea side and wasn't as milky which is how I like my milk tea. Would come again to try their other flavors cause the flavors here are very unique.
#bobatea #bubbletea #tea #sf #sanfrancisco

Profile Image of Holly Freeman

Holly Freeman

What a great place to get some drinks after dinner.

I got the Macha Toffee with boba which was recommended by the nice lady working there.

This place is small and gets busy very quickly. It has limited seats. Everything is relatively minimalistic. It's great.

#bobatea #bubbletea #tea #drink #drinks #sf #sanfrancisco