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Johnny Doughnuts

Address: 392 Fulton St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States



Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George


Vegan and gluten free options as well!

I got salted caramel chocolate and I tasted every flavor - thick layer of Caramel under chocolate topped with grains of salt.

$4.25 for an old fashioned donut is ridiculous however..these are substantially better, & way more 'gourmet' than the SF donut powerhouse Bobs which is only $1.25.

I also loved the space so much I wonder if they allow event hosting? it's spacious and to serve these wonderful gourmet donuts at a private birthday party or maybe celebrating a promotion. that's my kinda party.

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Phillip Nichols

Tough crowd, but 5 stars from me for friendly service, yummy doughnuts and I'll be back.

This was my first time to the store, but I've tried their doughnuts before. My first reaction when looking at the selection was WOW there is a lot of variety and the doughnuts are huge. Decided to pick some up and share with friends while we watch the super bowl.

I have only tried the chocolate glazed doughnut and it has been consistency good. The inside of the doughnut is soft, fluffy and full. The doughnut is big enough that eating just one satisfies the craving.

Friend 1: "The donut was good. The size was really big".
Friend 2: "I liked it. It wasn't like awesome, but it wasn't bad. it was okay".
Friend 3: "The donut was ok. I wish they had what I wanted... one with cinnamon sugar and chocolate."

The doughnuts are $4 each which is the most I've ever spent on a doughnut but I think it's worth it.

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