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Torraku Ramen

Address: 300 De Haro St Suite #338, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

Torraku Ramen is a great establishment to quench your ramen cravings.

I've had both the Tonkotsu ramen and chicken katsu. I really enjoyed the ramen, and the pork belly is cooked to perfection (they can also do pork shoulder if you prefer, but come on... we all know what the right choice is here). The ramen has a decent kick, so if you prefer spicy then this is a great place for you! The chicken katsu was solid, it was as expected aka nothing out of this world. It's served over a bed of rice and was quite filling.
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Alice Zhang

If you're craving ramen but want to avoid the $16+/bowl price tags and 30-60 minute waits, I recommend Torraku Ramen.

I think that the ramen coming from a food truck is pretty good. I myself ordered the miso ramen with pork belly.

Prices are fair - for $13~ flat you get a lot of noodles (I liked the noodles a lot), a few pieces of meat, half an egg, and a lot of flavor. I think it is a lot better than driving somewhere, struggling to find parking, waiting in a long line, and paying close to $20 for a bowl of ramen. I like Torraku for the convenience.

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