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Blue Bottle Coffee

Address: 2 S Park St, San Francisco, CA 94107, United States



Profile Image of Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

This is the best Blue Bottle Coffee I have been to.

Some of the things I always like are the friendly staff, good service and clean facility. I really like how spacious this coffee shop is. When you are in need of a pastry and a cup of coffee, Blue Bottle Coffee is here for you.

The latte art is always so good and it's culinary creativity.

Whether you are:
- passing by
- coming out of the gym
- work nearby

Reasons for five star rating:
- clean facility
- friendly staff
- good service

Caffeine fix (run)? You got it.

Overall, positive experience at Blue Bottle Coffee.

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Profile Image of Phillip Nichols

Phillip Nichols

This is probably one of my favorites because it has lots of seating and isn't usually very crowded.

South Park is a hidden gem in SOMA. I live so close yet never visit as often as I'd like. Knowing that Blue Bottle Coffee is here might encourage me, though I have plenty of coffeeshops in Mission Bay where I live. I like that this Blue Bottle location is quite spacious. Once you order the front counter, you can choose one of many seats throughout the coffeeshop.

Hopefully this doesn't get them in trouble, but I've brought my ESA husky into Blue Bottle and sat with him at the round table on the right-hand side of the place. Pretty sure they're dog-friendly because there's a water bowl right outside. Anyways, great spot to host groups or just catch up with a friend, which is what I did.

Even if you don't hang out inside Blue Bottle, there's plenty of seating around South Park. Definitely sit outside if the weather is nice or go for a stroll around SOMA. Love the Blue Bottle brand and visiting all their locations.
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Profile Image of Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green

My coffee was good; way better than other big name chains.

Conveniently located within a few blocks near Oracle park by South Park so you can get your caffeine fix before a game as needed.

The woman that took our order was funny as she made a joke about how she was getting fat from eating the brown butter cookie thing they had in their pastry display.  She was highly recommending them. Indeed, the pasty was great!

The one major complaint I had was that we were there for about 10 minutes waiting for an iced drink. They were pretty slow at getting drinks out.  They had 2 or 3 people working on making all the drinks too.

Otherwise my coffee was good; way better than other big name chains.

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Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

Service was great, although it does take a while to make a custom drink done right.

Blue Bottle Coffee has quickly turned into a consistently good gourmet coffee chain in San Francisco. Their South Park location keeps up the tradition with a warm and open store on 2nd Street near Bryant.

The layout is very nice with large picture windows and a white and light wood interior. They have the full menu with several coffee styles including espresso, pour over, and vacuum drip in a rather elaborate and beautiful device. Snacks and pastries are also available.

The coffee just happens to be great here too. They have a good house blend with single origin espresso available. The espresso was pulled well with a wonderful flavor, especially when poured over a large scoop of gourmet vanilla ice cream!

Service was great, although it does take a while to make a custom drink done right. The interior is almost as gorgeous as the customers enjoying their drinks inside and those unfortunate ones just walking by outside. This location is close to AT&T Park so expect crowds during Giants games.

Blue Bottle Coffee in South Park may not have Tweak running around, but you can get a great coffee drink anyway.
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