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Marufuku Ramen SF

Address: 1581 Webster St #235, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States



Profile Image of Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

I think the line only gets longer, so the earlier the better.

The Chicken Paitan was so rich and flavorful. Its not over powering, so it also helps the other ingredients shine. Also the chicken here isn't just basic broiled chicken. You can tell a lot goes into it. It’s so soft and tender, and has a flavor that makes you assume that its been marinated for hours,which it probably has.

I came here before opening and there was a line.
I feel like the line only gets longer, so the earlier the better.

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Rose George

Marufuku is my favorite ramen in SF!

The line is always very long but it's worth it.

The Hakata Tonkotsu is my favorite here—the broth is so rich & fragrant, the meat is tender & perfectly soft, and the noodles are satisfying and firm!! You can also select the spicy levels range from mild to ultra spicy—I chose the spicy level and it was perfect for me!
I'm getting hungry writing about it!

Overall quality food & restaurant; the bowls they serve the ramen in are so pretty too. A must try when in Japantown!!

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Luis Moreno

This was probably one of the best ramens I've ever had!

Ultra spicy was just the right amount of spice for me and I love spicy stuff! This place is super packed so be prepared for a wait. They always try their best and seat you ASAP even if that means sharing a table with strangers. But who cares cause you're there for the ramen!!

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