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Golden Gate Bridge

Address: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA, United States


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Ryu Nishida

Quite big and full of interesting stories

The bridge was quite quite big and long.
(The length is about 3.4 mil/5.4 km).

So, I got very tired as I reached to the other side of the bridge. This place is where many people died. Yes, this bridge has interesting stories! As of now, at least, more than 1600 people suicided here—maybe more cases that anybody has witnessed. A famous person who suicided here is the founder of Victoria’s Secret. Also, during the construction, many died here.

Knowing those stories, that bridge seems something special though it’s just another big bridge without those stories though😓

When it comes to my personal experience,
It’s quite threatening to walk across the bridge as the wind is quite strong and we can see the sea below us and right next to us because the balustrades are low and most parts are without any fences... There are some parts with high enough fences to prevent us from falling though.

To tourists who visit here, this’s just another big bridge and you get quite tired as crossing this bridge so when you don’t have an adequate time, this’s not pretty recommended; knowing the history of this bridge may let you see this as something special as I did though:)

If you come here on foot, you don’t quite need to cross the bridge since it’s just tiring and nothing interesting is on the opposite side.

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