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Four Barrel Coffee

Address: 375 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Very cool ambiance!

I recommend checking out this place if you are visiting the Mission District - which is my favorite 'hood in SF (check out the park).

I ordered the Iced Latte and it was really great.
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Profile Image of Harris Alford

Harris Alford

Cool coffee shop located in the mission district.

This place offers both outdoor seating and a lot of indoor seating, pretty big cafe shop.

The ambience is really hipster and industrial.
Staff is okay, some are more cheer-y then the next, but overall ok. Fast service which is convenient.

They offer a short menu of espresso drinks, coffee, and a mini pastry bar. I ordered an iced mocha. Really delicious! Not overly sweet and it included yummy chocolate shavings.

Prices are ok, average sf coffee shop prices.

I also tried the chocolate donut and it was so yummy. Would reccomend their pastries!!

Overall nice coffee shop with good drinks and food!
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Profile Image of Mabel Hoffman

Mabel Hoffman

Four Barrel Coffee is located in a big space and the inside setup is very hip and comfortable.

The people behind the counter were very friendly and helpful. We got two coffee drinks and walked outside to sit in front where there are a few sits. It was fun to sit there, chat and people watch.

As far as the coffee goes (I had a cappuccino), I hardly cared much for the aftertaste. I imagine they have different beans with different tastes, however, the one that had did not impress me.
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Profile Image of Aubrey Mills

Aubrey Mills

Fantastic coffee sevred by great staff at a place with plenty of seating

I like coffee shops which roast their own coffee and you can request for a single origin coffee from the ones available. Though such places are hard to find, this was one of them!! This is a huge place with ample seating space. At the back you can see coffee getting roasted. The staff are super knowledgeable and helpful. I ordered their cafe latte and absolutely loved it.
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