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Sightglass Coffee

Address: 301 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States



Profile Image of Billy Collins

Billy Collins

I would recommend this place!

I like ambiance and coffee offers at Sightglass Coffee. So, I often go to Sightglass Coffee. Employees are warm and very welcoming.

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Profile Image of Holly Freeman

Holly Freeman

Maybe one of the best coffee shop chains left in SF.

It's a super hipster place, and all aspects of the coffee and location are well thought out.

I got a mocha, w/ their fancy chocolate, and it was AMAZING. Super smooth, deep chocolate flavor, perfect amount of milk, and no sugar needed. It also came w/ a super cute latte art.

I will say their water spout is a little broken and I got water everwhere, but that might be more of a me thing and less of a Sightglass thing.

Overall, my favorite coffee shop in the city 10/10 need to go to one if you're around.

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Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Really gorgeous coffee shop on the street corner of Page and Divisadero.

Great opportunity for people watching if you sit by the large windows. Everything here is extravagantly done, down to the little details in the restrooms. You get what you pay for at this place!
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