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Address: 390 Stockton St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States


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Ryu Nishida

Starbucks—located in a good area.

This Starbucks is quite close to Union Square also relatively close to Chinatown.
So, if you get tired of walking around this area for shopping or something, you can just take a rest by having a cup of coffee!

In my case, I got a little bit thirsty after walking to the Chinatown so I was looking for a cafe to have a cup of coffee then I realised that there was a Starbucks after walking through the tunnel from the Chinatown to the Union Square!

So, I got a tall size of latte for $3.65—this is pretty normal here in SF?
The guy who took my order was nice and the music at the cafe too!!

Btw, I’m from Japan and I found something different in the USA or the cafe I went to: I don’t think Starbucks has music at the cafe in Japan and they don’t put our names on the labels attached to the cups either. So I feel like their service in the USA or only that place? was better!

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