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The Coffee Movement

Address: 1030 Washington St, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States



Profile Image of Aubrey Mills

Aubrey Mills

Great neighborhood and location, and well worth the wait. It's also very clean inside and out!

Walked by this place a few times and finally decided to give it a chance. The shop has a nice minimalist design; no indoor seating but there's a few benches right outside the door. I got the coffee cream soda and the barrel one coffee. My favorite was the coffee cream soda; it was a unique blend of coffee and soda, something that I've never experienced before at any other coffee shops.
The barrel one was also good and not very strong or overpowering. Overall, I had a good experience and everyone was nice and patient in answering our questions.
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Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

Awesome coffee drinks served by friendly baristas.

Excellent coffee drinks served by super nice baristas out of an immaculate space a few blocks away from Chinatown and the Financial District.

I like how it feels minimal yet welcoming because of how nice the baristas are here! I think it's more of a pick up and go coffee shop, but there are two small counters by the window to stand and enjoy your drink.

I ordered the honey lavender latte and I did enjoy it! The menu is simple, and they also have some pastry options.

I am glad I stumbled upon this place, and I will definitely come back next time I am in the area.
#sf #sanfrancisco #coffee #drink #cafe #cafes

Profile Image of Mabel Hoffman

Mabel Hoffman

I loved the space, the barista was warm and excellent at his craft.

A beautiful treasure worth hopping off the cable car for!  I will return. Music was chill too...I didn't have coffee (!) but a Peach Raspberry fizz, something unexpected and perfect, like this spot...
#cafe #sf #sanfrancisco #fizz #drink #cafes #soda