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Arsicault Bakery

Address: 397 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States



Profile Image of Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno

Arsicault lives up to its reputation for best croissant in the Bay Area.

The crisp edges with a million flaky buttery layers and soft center are worth the price and long line. I had the chocolate almond croissant and ham&cheese croissant, and Arsicault does both sweet and savory well.

Simply put: Arsicault lives up to its reputation for best croissant in the Bay Area.
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Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

It's not the cheapest snack (~$5), but it's worth every penny!

Best croissants I have ever tasted.

Recommendations: almond croissant and ham & cheese croissant.

The almond croissant would probably on my top 10 food items I want to eat if I only have 24 hours left to live. Yes, it's really that good!

The almond paste inside the croissant is large. It's not just a smear of paste—it's literally filled so every bite you take will be equal parts croissant and almond paste. Be careful, it is messy - but a delicious mess at that - due to the generous amount of powder sugar on top of the croissant.

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Profile Image of Phillip Nichols

Phillip Nichols

Amazing croissants!

I got the almond croissants and they were so good. I can't eat the whole thing in one sitting. I haven't tried their other pastries yet, but will be back to try the plain and ham & cheese. Eat one immediately as the texture is perfect when they're fresh!

Pretty limited seating with a few tables inside. Street parking.
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