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Philz Coffee

Address: 549 Castro St, San Francisco, CA 94114, United States



Profile Image of Luis Moreno

Luis Moreno

Love the Castro-focused themes and style of this space

I heard about the quality of Philz Coffee before I even stepped foot in San Francisco. I've traveled to this Philz a couple times, being the doe-eyed visitor to the Castro, to study and take in the Castro scene. The space seems to improve each time I visit, with changes to the menu and the interior of the space.

I recommend checking out the menu ahead of time. The coffees vary a lot and have flavors I've rarely experienced with coffee. It can be a little overwhelming looking at the options, and can be a bit annoying if there is a line.

I also recommend grabbing a pastry, which looked amazing when I ordered. They even serve Pepple's vegan doughnuts. Definitely going to become my to-go spot when I have a last-minute sweet tooth.

Overall, a frothy four stars for Philz. Love the Castro-focused themes and style of this space—and the coffee isn’t bad either!
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Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

Great location in the Castro.

You order your drink with the barista, pay for your order, then wait for the barista to give you your order.

Today, I ordered a mint mojito. This drink was a delightful little beverage.

-Phil's has indoor and outdoor seating
-there is free WiFi here
-they have food and beverages
-restroom available (the line to use it is constant)
-friendly staff
-LGBT friendly interior- pride flag, pictures of Harvey Milk, no hate signs, etc.

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Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George

This is a very unique coffee shop in the heart of the Castro district.

My favorite thing is how fresh and unique the coffees are. I got the Turkish which comes with cardamom and fresh mint. The barista takes your order and makes everything bare-bones and then will add sweetener if needed. I like to keep mine clean and black so I can really taste the flavor. The line to order as well as the line to wait is a bit confusing as they run into each other. That I could use some  organization. Coffee shop itself is very unique and interesting. There are photos of the employees n a unicorn themed bathroom painted purple. As well and Outside seating. They also have baked goods. But you have to make sure you order the baked goods from the register lady not the barista. Overall the coffee is outstanding. Definitely a must if you're in the Castro district.

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