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Sutter Street Cafe

Address: 450 Sutter St #7, San Francisco, CA 94108, United States



Profile Image of Billy Collins

Billy Collins

If you're looking for easy, fresh breakfasts and delicious sandwiches Sutter St. Cafe is the right place.

Sutter St. Cafe is a tiny gem squirreled away at the beautiful 450 Sutter building in downtown San Francisco.

The owner Joe of Sutter St. Cafe busts tail to get you served as quickly as he and his lovely staff of hardworking individuals can.  He typically has a smile and is always incredibly professional as he definitely just wants to provide the best service he can.

The double caramel Caffè macchiato over ice is my personal favourite.  He makes an AMAZING prosciutto with blue cheese sandwich on toasted baguette that has me drooling even as I type this. Try the delicious black truffle potato chips directly to the left of the counter toward the top shelves. The combination of the sandwich and these chips is AWESOME!

I love supporting small businesses.  This family owned establishment has been at the 450 Sutter Building for sometime and everyone there loves Joe and his hard working staff.  

ORDER AHEAD IF YOU CAN as they get VERY busy especially during lunchtime.  ENJOY!

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Harris Alford

Great spot for quick and fresh sandwiches, coffee, pastries and snacks.

They have delicious breakfast all day.

Southwestern sandwich is phenomenal! Ask for melted cheese/hot sandwich. The Dutch crunch they use is thinner than most other sandwich spots, which I really liked. Who needs the extra carbs
Generous portions of meat and veggies in sandwiches.

Great service. Joe, the owner, is polite, professional and fast.

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Aubrey Mills

Secret cheap eats spot in Union Square!

I used to go to 450 Sutter all the time for dermatologist appointments years ago and never noticed this cafe.    I found it one day while searching on Yelp.  

I ordered a half smoked salmon sandwich for under $5.  While I was waiting for my order I admired the variety of snacks they offered for purchase.  After a few minutes it was done and I brought it back to the office.  

Sandwiches aren't like Little Luccas big but my half totally filled me up.  It had a fresh layer of delicious smoked salmon, light spread of cream cheese, tomato and onions on a baguette.  

I'll definitely need to try their all day breakfast sometime and salad.  Yay for cheap eats in Union Square!

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Phillip Nichols

What friendly service!

We came in for a quick bite and coffee while waiting to get a Rental car and they were So nice. I ordered 2 breakfast sandwiches and then asked for a coffee also. Our server politely told me that breakfast sandwiches ordered before 11am come with a free hashbrown and coffee! So I wouldn't need to get an extra order (instead, we ended up with 2 coffees and 2 hashbrowns included). We also got a club sandwich which was a hit!
I'm so glad I found this place while we were waiting for our car. It's this kind of mom-and-pop service and friendly customer care that anyone would love to have in a small deli like this. The food quality was fantastic as well. I loved it and would gladly go back anytime.

PROS: exceptional and friendly customer service. great food!

CONS: none, except it's a bit small in there, a few tables to sit at (but I think it's really supposed to be a to-go place)

BOTTOM LINE: Next time I'm in the area, I'll stop by for breakfast. These guys are great. You won't regret it if you come by for a bite to eat.

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