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Yifang Taiwan Fruit Tea

Address: 3251 20th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94132, United States



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Aubrey Mills

This spot is sometimes crowded and sometimes not.

Staff work pretty good and line goes quick. I enjoy my favorite: winter melon with boba here.

I was very curious about the brown sugar drink, but was sad because it did not meet my expectations. I know it's a limited drink and I'm glad the wintermelon is not a limited item because it definitely is pretty good.

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Harris Alford

My go to drink is Wintermelon latte

My go to drink is Wintermelon latte which has no caffeine so this is great for a pick me up any time of the day.

I love the creaminess from the milk and the tea flavor of the wintermelon is so subtle. I always ask for less ice since I drink really slow so then it doesn't get water downed. The boba is also super chewy and delicious.

You can order through a delivery app or order ahead for pick up.
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Rose George

A tea brand straight from Taiwan that uses high quality tea leaves from Taiwan and local fruit

Fresh fruit teas tend to be more expensive so at $5.75, Yifang's price is about average (and given SF costs, I'm not complaining!). Other drinks average between $4-$4.75 which is not bad at all!

I ordered a pineapple green tea, what makes this tea unique compared to other similar ones I've tried before is it includes fresh pineapple chunks as well as fresh passion fruit—super nice unless you hate passion fruit seeds haha.

Nice and refreshing for a summer day, no contact order to encourage safety (use a machine). Bamboo straws—is that already a requirement in SF these days? Regardless, kudos!
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Holly Freeman

Stumbled upon this place on accident, but so glad I found it!

I've come quite a few times now and have gotten the opportunity to try quite a few of their drinks.

My favorites are the passion fruit tea (5/5), the brown sugar milk with boba (5/5), and the honey mountain tea (4/5). I've also tried the mixed fruit tea (4/5), the pineapple tea (3/5), and the lemon green tea with aiyu jelly (3/5), and the oolong tea macchiato (4/5). I really love their fruit teas here, but just a heads up, all their drinks are on the sweet side, so be sure to get it 25-50% sweet. The best drink though, is their brown sugar milk with boba. I love how creamy their milk is and how the brown sugar blends so well with the milk. This drink is unfortunately a bit sweet, but you cannot adjust the sugar and ice levels on it. I guarantee it's worth it though!

One small qualm I do have though, is how elusive the brown sugar milk with boba is. They have specific times during the day which they make it and they sell out like hot cakes when that time comes. Luckily, they offer an option to preorder one if you call it in, but usually, I don't think of it until I'm already there. Can't really blame them though, seeing as how they are operating out of a mall stall with no burners or anything to cook the boba on.

- Brown sugar milk with boba and the tea version of that run out very fast and are only offered 3-5 times throughout the day
- No seating or standing area so it's more of a take your drink and go kinda place
- Drinks are on the sweeter side

- Fruit teas are delicious and have a nice tang to them
- Brown sugar milk w/ boba is a perfect balance of creamy and sweet

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