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Sightglass Coffee

Address: 270 7th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



Profile Image of Ryu Nishida

Ryu Nishida

Had a coup of vanilla cold brew without vanialla beans but it was nice.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have vanilla beans but I wanted to have something cold so I decided to get it without the vanilla flavour.

The coffee was nicely bitter and I could quite enjoy it but I thought I wanted to have the vanilla valour:(

The service was average but the woman who took my order was sort of unfriendly.
Also, it was unfortunate that I couldn’t drink inside although the interior of the cafe appeared to be quite quite beautiful!

I wish I could’ve drunk it inside. This cafe accepts credit cards and I quite appreciated that. Besides drinks, they have good looking pastries so why don’t you try them!?

Overall, the drinks here are great and I’d like to go there again to try more drinks.

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Profile Image of Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Loving the high ceiling and wood aesthetic here!

I should have more meetings in this place!!!

- a huge plus is the free 1 hour parking around the corner. If you need to meet for a quick hour - hour and a half meeting, this place is great!
- staff is objectively so cool and chill
- great place to read a book and do busy work, but hopefully you have a full charge its battery or your work is paper based because there are zero outlets... I've checked.
- clean bathroom and overall great place for meetings and coffee.

Zero outlets.
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Profile Image of Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green

Came for coffee the other day and it was a tasty experience.

Street parking was available.

This apparently is both a roastery along with a coffee shop. The environment was unique as there is seating on both the street and loft level!

Ordered a latte and it was tasty. That was very smooth, just a touch bitter!

They accept credit cards too!
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Profile Image of Harris Alford

Harris Alford

What an awesome cafe to be in!

The coffee is good, the interior's on fleek, and the people are friendly. While not in the best part of San Francisco, this place is worth a visit. They roast their beans on site and it shows in their brew... there's something about seeing fresh beans being packaged while sipping on a great cold brew.

There is plenty of seating and space throughout the entire cafe, with a second floor mezzanine overlooking the main coffee bar. I also spotted an affogato bar on the second floor?! Coming back for sure.

If you're a coffee connoisseur or just love coffee, I'm pretty sure you'll appreciate Sightglass.

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Profile Image of Holly Freeman

Holly Freeman

A solid cafe but just needs WiFi!

I was looking for a place away from the crowd to do some work.

The place is very hip and spacious and there's plenty of tables to do work and collaborate. There's an upstairs and downstairs and everything is laid out like a tech start up almost.

The coffee itself was strong and you can tell the drip coffee was quality.

However, there is no WiFi or none at the time I was there so I just hotspotted my phone.

Overall, a solid cafe... just needs WiFi!
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