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Philz Coffee

Address: 399 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States



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Aubrey Mills

I love their coffee!

My favorite drink here is their iced mojito. Contrary to its name, it doesn't have any alcohol in it. It's their iced coffee with high quality cream with mint crushed at the bottom. The mint adds a really refreshing element to the drink. It's a fairly sweet drink, so if you like really bitter, dark coffee, you might not like this particular drink, but there's a variety of more bitter options available. Their secret is they use really high quality ingredients.

You can also use their app to place your order. It'll be ready to pick up when you stop by the store. This is a really convenient feature. I don't believe their baked goods are available for purchase on the app though, so you'll have to get in line for your breakfast or snack. Hopefully, they'll change this soon.

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Ryu Nishida

Good coffee with mint flavour!

First time to go to Philz Coffee and had a cup of medium size of ICED MINT MOJITO for $5.81.
The price is not quite affordable but average in SF?

It was unfortunate that I couldn’t have a cup of coffee inside the cafe but the coffee itself was great for sure.

They customise sweetness and the amount of milk for you! For me, the mint flavour was something new and I liked it but I guess not everybody likes that🤔

Another good thing is that they accept a credit card.
I don’t know if cafes accepting payments via credit cards is common in the USA but in Japan it’s quite rare so I really liked it!

Overall, I’d definitely be back when I want a cup of decent coffee!
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Luis Moreno

Mint mojito coffee for the win.

Delicious and creamy and best of all minty!

I also see they now have 3 different sizes instead of the 2 they used to offer. My mint mojito got me caffeinated.

Staff is always great and friendly. Walk in and order, then pay at the register. Wait for your drink to be called out. Sip & enjoy!

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