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Wrecking Ball Coffee Roasters - Berkeley

Address: 1600 Shattuck Ave Suite 100, Berkeley, CA 94709, United States



Profile Image of Phillip Nichols

Phillip Nichols

Coffee and pastries are good though...

This cafe is pretty nice inside.
Also, the coffee&pastries are tasty.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t completely like this cafe because I have seen little bugs landing on their pastries.

They recently changed their hours to 6pm though Wrecking Ball was one of a few cafes around that area stayed open later (8pm).
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Profile Image of Aubrey Mills

Aubrey Mills

Very artistic interior with quality pastries and drinks!

Wrecking Ball Coffee: Berkeley takes over Philz Coffee's space. Never been to this Philz. Don’t know how much retrofitting was done. Limited seating on lst level. Artistic drawing pictured everywhere is on the 2nd floor.

Offerings: coffee, pastries
Brew: house blend coffee(3)
-initially didn't taste different.
A few sips later, the complex brew revealed light roast notes ala sightglass intermingled with medium roast notes. So unlike the majors.

- coffee roasted in own facility in s.f.
- 3 barristas on duty, quick service
- single origin brew also available. would try next..

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