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Vive La Tarte

Address: 1160 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George

Why so good?  All the baked things seem fresh!

Those items are like made this morning while we were walking or walking in the rain and heavy wind.

I ordered a mocha croissant and a latte. The croissant was flaky and very big! The flavor of croissant was so good. I'm not sure what the filling it was, but it's pretty awesome!

My latte was fantastic—oat milk was the only alternative milk.

They don't provide WiFi so I'm doubting most people really work here. Don't come here in case you're trying to surf the net. This may be keeping the tables turning faster though. I do like the stable seating on one side. I love the open space and feel of this restaurant.
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Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Overall, the food and drink is amazing but no WiFi...

I ordered a broccoli quiche slice for breakfast and I had a latte.

PROS: Food was amazing! I enjoyed quiche a lot, it was soft and light. Their coffee cups are a little bit small but they offer refills for the coffee to compensate. This is awesome! The space is also really open since you're not squished next to another person. They also warm up what you order.

CONS: Some of the tables were a little dirty. I don't know if this is due to a rush that had just ended or from before since we got there around 8:40 am and they open at 8. I also didn't see any WiFi which would make it difficult to do some work. They also only had almond milk as a nondairy coffee option. I wish they had more alternatives. However, this’s not a big deal!
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Mabel Hoffman

Love Vive La Tarte!!

Often come here for brunch and everything is so good. They may have the best cheesecake in San Francisco. Their avocado toast is amazing too. I also love the ambiance here. So light and airy—perfect for working or catching up with people over brunch. This is definitely a SOMA gem.
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Clayton Barnett

A croissant lover you are, a wondrous experience you'll find!

Definitely one of my go-to place for that instant croissant fix. The location is the heart of the operation. From breathing life to the buttery dough to baking the aromatic flakey goodness, everything is done here at the industrial bakery.

I usually have a croissant with a latte: not too strong but not too weak in the coffee flavor with organic milk, which is not common at most cafes!

Those are great croissants that I tried:

- Almond croissant: there’s a dense filling inside and well toasted almond on top—very almondy!

- Mocha croissant: it’s amazing but very difficult to eat without making a mess. Super flakey also the bottom is buttery and crispy. There’s a filling inside, which is different from the cream on top but is not too sweet—this’s awesome!

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