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Devil's Teeth Baking Company

Address: 3876 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States



Profile Image of Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green

So good!! Love their chocolate chip cookies!!

Their cookies are huge and so so so delicious!! The shop is small and by the ocean—so cute! Their treats are definitely an indulgence but so worth it!

The shop is so quaint and welcoming. The workers are always really kind and the food never disappoints! Highly recommend going for a treat!
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Rose George

If this bakery was on 24th, I'd go every morning!

I've been putting off visiting Devil's Teeth because it's so far down on Noriega. Finally had the chance to drop by today and Im very glad I did! Shop is small and more of a grab and go setup. They have a variety of pastries that I stared at for a few indecisive minutes before I settled on the bread pudding muffin and the oatmeal cranberry cookie. Cookie was a little too sweet for my liking. Meanwhile, the muffin was amazing - soft, a little chewy, and full of chocolate chips and a layer of nuts in the middle. Delicious!

If this bakery was on 24th I'd go every morning, so maybe it's a blessing that it's all the way down near the ocean.
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