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Mensho Tokyo

Address: 672 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94102, United States



Profile Image of Carolyn Green

Carolyn Green

Hands down the best ramen I've ever tasted.

I started with the mushroom chips which were really good. Even if you don't like mushrooms you'll like these for sure. I got the vegan ramen and it had so much flavor it was absolutely amazing. I think the vegan ramen might take the win here! So vegan or not, give it a try!!

I added in the fried garlic which gave it a little crunch. The broth was the best part, it was decently spicy and very creamy- it had the best balance.

A few cons:
-we waited an hour to be seated
-in the tenderloin so not the best area
-very small restaurant
-parking was a little difficult

The ramen was worth all the cons though! Highly recommend this spot- especially the vegan ramen :)
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Rose George

Mensho Tokyo is super popular and you can tell by the long long line out their door on most days.

I spent over an hour in line.

When we finally got in, we were greeted with really great service & a cute interior. I ordered the Tori Pitan Ramen which comes with a super creamy and thick broth, topped with a generous serving of chashu.

Unfortunately, the broth here is a little too heavy for me :( after the first few bites the dish got pretty hard to stomach—I can appreciate a rich broth but this was a little too much richness. The chashu & noodles were pretty tasty, but at the end of the meal I felt pretty gross and bogged down. I'm not gonna say I hate it because I can see the appeal (especially if you're into extremely rich/heavy broths), but it's not worth an hour+ wait and there are plenty of better ramen options in the city.

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Luis Moreno

This might be the best ramen in SF.

Their signature broth is extreemely thick, creamy, and flavorful. Never tasted anything like it. I think the spicy lamb is best but everything here is great.

The line is always very long (for good reason) but it moves quickly. Expect to wait 20-30 minutes at least, and expect that the food is 100% worth it.

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