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Flywheel Coffee Roasters

Address: 672 Stanyan St, San Francisco, CA 94117, United States



Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

This is probably one of my favorite cafes in SF!

I typically stop by to do work and I usually order their latte. The environment is really nice and spacious - there's always a lot of available seating when I come. The one difficult thing to get is a seat next to an outlet, as those are much more limited.The free wifi is fast and I never had any issues with it.

The latte itself always goes down smoothly and it really hits the spot on a cold, foggy day. Definitely would recommend a visit if you're in the area and need some caffeine.
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Profile Image of Mabel Hoffman

Mabel Hoffman

Flywheel is most definitely one of my favorite coffee shops in Bay Area!

It's rare that you find a shop that has ample space and wifi (2-hour free) for working. Located near the Haight, Flywheel definitely is the best shop in that area.

The shop is very beautifully decorated, and got this clean wooden aesthetic to it. They also take their craft very seriously as well. Never had a bad coffee there, and the baristas always top it off with nice latte art.

Parking in the area could be a bit tough, but it's better than many other areas in SF. They have small selection of pastries for purchase, and they also roast their beans at the back of the shop, ...a one stop shop if you will. If you want a great coffee and a place to hang/study/work out of, Flywheel is definitely an ideal spot.

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Profile Image of Billy Collins

Billy Collins

This was a super wonderful experience.

I was in the neighborhood and looking for a good cup of coffee/latte. I stumbled upon this place and stopped in. The vibe here was really cool and I loved the decor and set up - I wish I'd had the time to stay. They don't do flavored lattes so I settled on a mocha.

The barista who made my coffee was wonderful! He told me all about where their beans come from and how they roast the beans in house. Even though my drink was to-go he took extra time to make my drink beautiful! He was so nice! As for the drink it was delicious and kept me going for the rest of the day.
I think it was $5-$6 which is a standard price. I would definitely return!
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Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George

Great place, friendly staff, good coffee.

It can get a little crowded with the crowd from Haight Ashbury but there is plenty of space to hang around.
Lots of tables but tend to be crowded with people on their laptops. The wifi is in two hour intervals so you would need to get a code after the first two.
I was there on a Monday afternoon and could easily get a table to myself. The crowd then was definitely manageable. Will def be back
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