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Ushio Ramen

Address: 3128 16th St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



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Carolyn Green

Great spot for a quick bowl of ramen if you aren't super picky.

Their chicken karaage was superb but their ramen was kind of meh. It was decent but not amazing.

Service was perfectly fine - everyone was super nice- but the overall vibe was very "fast food" ramen in my opinion with standard ramen options. Considering the high quality ramen joints nearby, it wouldn't be my first choice for ramen in the city. Price wise there are better places similarly or better priced that have better menus.

Overall, I don't have any complaints about this place. We didn't have to wait to be seated, the food was yummy and the service was attentive and quick. It's just not totally extraordinary and there are better ramen places nearby.

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Billy Collins

I'd go back for their Tori Tonkotsu

Parking was quick and around the block. Plenty of seating for a table of 4.

We ordered the Homemade Gyoza. It's just regular gyoza. Nothing special.

For ramen, we ordered the Tori Tonkotsu, Spicy Black Garlic Tonkotsu, and Seafood Deluxe.

My Tori Tonkotsu was probably my favorite - the thick creamy soup, perfectly chewy ramen, melt-in-your-mouth chashu, perfectly-cooked egg made up for the lackluster presentation.

The Seafood Deluxe's lobster broth and Spicy Black Garlic Tonkotsu were also delicious. But the Spicy Black Garlic was what I call "throat-spicy" like you can feel the spice in your throat and it lingers.

I guess the prices are pretty standard for the City, but I think others would say you can get better for the same price elsewhere. Regardless, I'd go back for their Tori Tonkotsu (add corn, no bamboo).

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