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Hinodeya Ramen Bar

Address: 1737 Buchanan St, San Francisco, CA 94115, United States



Profile Image of Billy Collins

Billy Collins

I’d come back here to try other meals!

I had the house ramen and their house ramen is good. I like their broth because it's not heavy or too salty, even when I get to the end of the bowl. The wait is not ridiculous and the meals are reasonably priced.

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Rose George

Would recommend for anyone craving ramen.

Unlike traditional ramen places, Hinodeya uses a dashi (vs. Tonkotsu) broth. The result is a lighter and less fatty soup base, but that is still filled with umami flavors. The whole wheat noodle is thicker than the usual ramen noodles, but worked well for the soup. Had the Hinodeya House Ramen that comes with a significant number of toppings (chashu pork, egg, nori). The pork was nice and tender and the egg was perfectly soft-boiled. They also a variety of vegan friendly ramen.

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Phillip Nichols

Good ramen at a reasonable price.

I tried the house ramen. The soup was very clear and not too rich. If you're into lighter soups, then this is up your alley. The bamboo had a really good texture. There was spinach in it which seemed a bit out of place. The regular chashu was on the chewier side. The flavor on the meat wasn't very strong, just a slight soy sauce flavor. The vegan ramen is very good here. I liked the light sprinkling of sesame seeds in the soup. It added a nice aroma to the broth.

The prices are very reasonable here for the ramen. I think this is a pretty good ramen place, but I'm not sure if waiting in line is worth it.

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