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Pinhole Coffee

Address: 231 Cortland Ave, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States



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Phillip Nichols

Quality neighborhood coffee shop.

I visited in the morning and there was a small line out the door. The seating inside is somewhat limited but I could find a space at the communal table. The decor is vibrant and fun, making the place quite photogenic - Instagram worthy shots made easy.

For serious coffee aficionados, Pinhole actually carries and assortment of beans from various roasters. I believe they use Linea for their espresso, Verve for their drip and pour over, with a rotating third option featuring yet another roaster. Very cool.

I ordered an almond milk decaf cappuccino, regular cappuccino, and matcha custard cake (they have a selection of tasty treats from Third Culture Bakery to enjoy with your coffee). Heads up! For those who are looking for milk alternatives, they don't serve soy milk here. They carry almond milk or oat milk, however.

Overall, a great place to grab a quality cup.

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Bill Ray

Pinhole coffee is definitely the best!

The owner, JoEllen is as sweet and kind as they come. As a result, her staff is just the same! They create a warm & welcoming environment.

I am fond of the thing that they don't provide WiFi, because it makes an atmosphere where people talk & chat!!

It's a neighborhood joint for Bernal Heights dwellers (though all are welcome!) and I've so appreciated bumping into neighborhood friends and meeting new ones.

Their coffee drinks, teas, & pastries (regular & gluten-free options) are delicious. My fave snack is the "Everything Croissant." I love their lattes & other espresso drinks - super tasty & artfully made. I'm more of a tea person, though, & their teas are carefully selected & very high quality. They encourage families to visit & even make a decaf espresso(no caffeine, but steamed milk & honey, if I'm not mistaken).

At the risk of going on too much, it's also beautiful inside, with murals (inside & outside, actually). I'll just leave this now saying that next time you're in Bernal Heights, you must visit. You won't regret it.

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Harris Alford

Amazing mocha with fantastic interior!

This hipster cafe is located in a quaint neighborhood in Bernal Heights. Parking was easy on a weekday and this place is also really close to a few cute shops such as succulence! The cafe is quite small but has extremely cool decor. The wood theme is enhanced by having chairs and tables that are tree stumps. I really liked the decor a lot and the ambience was very modern. The staff here were very friendly as well.

The coffee here is quite good! I got the mocha and it was pretty smooth. The mocha was creamy and was not too sweet. They also offer some donuts and pastries. I saw some people doing some work here and I feel like it is a good place to clear your mind.
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