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Sextant Coffee Roasters

Address: 1415 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States



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Alice Zhang

Sextant Coffee Roasters definitely has its pros and cons.

- Lots of seating! I came around noon on a Saturday and there were so many tables empty. The interior is bright and airy too; perfect place to read or get some work done.
- They sell some other things too in a cooler, like kombucha or random prepared foods.
- The bathroom is very clean and high-tech. You ask the barista for a QR code & inside everything is automatic; no need to touch the door or anything which is kind of crazy!

- The coffee was......okay...? I tried an almond milk latte and a normal dairy gibraltar and didn't like either of them. Each one is supposed to contain 2 shots of espresso but neither of them actually tasted like coffee that much. For a place that roasts their own beans I'd expect a little better.
- No pastries or anything, just a few vegan cookie offerings.

Overall, cool, quiet place to sit but wouldn't go back for the coffee anytime soon.

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Phillip Nichols

Perfect as this is one of the best cafes I've been able to find in this area!

Perfect as this is one of the best cafes I've been able to find in this area that:
- has decent WiFi
- is open past lunch time
- has seats that are not stools
- is not Peet's
- has a good coffee

Unfortunately, no outlets, but this is just fine.
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Bill Ray

Solid artisanal coffee shop in San Francisco

I didn't really find anything unique, which differentiated them from other artisanal coffee shops in the city though. I stopped by around 11:45am on a Saturday, and it wasn't busy at the time. They had two pour over options to choose from in addition to the usual options of latte, etc. They also had a cold brew option available. I opted to try their Yirgacheffe Pour Over ($5), which was super smooth, but had a slightly acidic finish.

They roast their beans in the back of the shop, which would be cool if they did a mini tour, or had a display window or something along those lines. Beans are around $14/bag.

They also offer some cookies (vegan and non), but no other options available. Parking was easy at that time, and there were good metered street parking spots. I believe there is also one free street spot on the street right before the cafe.

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Rose George

Very nice cozy cafe.

Ordered regular coffee and tried banana chocolate cookie (soooooooooooo gooooooood!). Went there at around 10ish in the morning, packed with business casual people, probably the cafe is near the office area so many people working with laptops and meetings. Not too loud, is a good place for a quick coffee. Easy street parking.
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