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Address: 5524 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94121, United States



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Alice Zhang

This is a great Asian Fusion restaurant.

Please do not expect to get authentic Korean or Japanese food here or else you will be quite disappointed.

We ordered Okonomiyaki Fries and a Grilled Pork Belly Plate.
The fries are thin, super crispy, and very flavorful.  It is topped with bonito flakes (the same flakes that are on top of takoyaki balls), mayo, and katsu sauce.  It's a great and addictive snack to munch on throughout your meal.
The pork belly comes on a sizzling stone plate. The pork belly is very juicy, tender, and fresh.  It is perfectly marinated and served with bell pepper and caramelized onions.  The plate also comes with a salad and white rice.
Their portions are pretty generous.  I ordered the above items for two people and we still had leftovers after the meal.

They have a variety of options on the menu.  I particularly like the tapas section.  If you have a good number of people, you can order and try a lot of small dishes!

The restaurant isn't too big, but there's enough space between tables so that you do not feel cramped. They can get busy so I suggest making a reservation. Parking in this part of town can also be pretty difficult.

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Clayton Barnett

this is nice place to stop by if you're in that area.

I was looking for a good dinner option close by. The Korean fusion title appealed to me and I strolled in. At first glance, this isn't a very big place but luckily since we were pretty late we managed to snag a table fairly quickly.

Everything looked delicious on the menu so I fell back on the popular dishes and I will say "over"-ordered those.
The boneless fried chicken was delicious and portion size was good.
The chicken jijim was like a dry hot-pot and pretty tasty.
The pork bibibam was a disappointment compared to the other 2 dishes—I have definitely had better Ramen elsewhere.
Needless to say, I had lots of leftovers and this is nice place to stop by if you're in that area.

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Rose George

This is an absolute gem of a restaurant!

One of my favorite restaurants in the Bay Area. Mellow vibe, friendly service, decent prices, and seriously yummy food.

The absolute menu standout (and the thing I start to crave) is the sizzling rice bibimbap (bulgogi is my personal favorite). Such a good array of textures and a ton of flavor, seriously my favorite bibimbap that I've tried. Adding some gochujang puts it all over the top of deliciousness, into not being able to help myself from eating every morsel.

I've only tried a few things, which were good, but honestly, it's hard to branch out because the major menu standout for me is the sizzling rice bibimbap.

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