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Izakaya Sozai

Address: 1500 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122, United States



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Harris Alford

Great little Izakaya restaurant in SF which is worth of trying.

Finding parking is challenging and reservation is a must. We had an early reservation and luckily it took less then 15 minutes to find parking.  Perhaps is early enough for the late diner. Place do get really busy and packed, almost sitting elbows to elbows.

The menu they offered is simple and short but they do have an extensive special items written in fine prints on the board. It is incredible to read for my old eyes.

The waitress/servers/hostess/cashier was kind and patient to introduce the long list.  

We order many a la cart and yorkitoris. Many dishes were very small portion. The clams were plume which soaked in lightly sake,  the blue fin toro and the beef takaki were disappointing, blue fin toro was not as butterly as I used to and the beef takaki were somewhat chewy with a heavy cut.

The most successful dishes were the miso cod, edamame garlic, bacon wrap enoki mushroom. The cod melts in your mouth with the saltless from the miso is just perfect.

Loved the sake (kikusui).  

Great experience.

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Bill Ray

It was a semi-fulfilling izakaya experience, but I likely won't return

To describe my experience: small portions...literally everything at this restaurant had a fraction of its size shaved off

+ Ramen: Nothing special, broth felt overly oily/fatty, noodles weren't the best
+ Chicken gizzard skewer: Yummy!! But tiny and $7 at that
+ Takoyaki: Probably 3/4 the size of usual takoyaki
+ Wasabi nako: Pretty yummy but strangely chopped into tiny pieces and dumped into a sauce bowl...

Overall it was a semi-fulfilling izakaya experience, but I likely won't return

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Mabel Hoffman

Had great meals at Izakaya Social.

We were prepared to have to wait. It took an hour for a table for two on a Saturday night.  
-Tonkotsu Ramen with a fried egg was the highlight of the meal!!!
-Hamachi Carpaccio: excellent
-Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice: very good
-Bacon wrapping mochi: very good
-Takoyaki: good, not amazing
-Miso Cod: had amazing flavor, but portion was too small to order again

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Luis Moreno

Izakaya Sozai is a little overhyped in my opinion.

Yeah, there's a lot of popular ramen and izakaya spots in SF and Izakaya Sozai seems to be a breadwinner here. Except, it kinda fell flat for me.

So nevermind that you almost have to make a reservation to even eat here. (We got lucky as we came just as they opened so they seated us at the only unreserved table) The line can get long so do be mindful of when you come here. So, you order ramen and food. The ritsu tonkatsu ramen was quite lackluster, I don't know, I'm not a food critic. I can't taste each individual ingredient like Remy the rat does. It just felt off though, and didn't hit the spot for me. The appetizers are great though. You might be better off forgoing the ramen and getting only appetizers, skewers, takoyaki and what not. Is it worth the trouble to eat here? That's up to you to decide.

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