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Fueling Station

Address: 2436 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States



Profile Image of Harris Alford

Harris Alford

A very nice place!

Spent a whole day working here. They have awesome cookies, which they bake themselves.
The atmosphere is open and clean. The staff are friendly.
Music is not not too loud and a lot of outlets, great place to work at.
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Profile Image of Aubrey Mills

Aubrey Mills

Fuel Station is definitely my favorite little go-to coffee/brunch spots in the neighborhood.

It's not noisy like other cafe's and it doesn't get too crowded either! Plus they have free wifi and charging outlets which is very nice. Im definitely giving this five stars just because of how well they're able to maintain their mini store, the service is very friendly and the food is good too.

Their menu isn't the biggest, but hey, for what they have as a tiny store, I give them lots of props. They have things like banh mi's, salads, avocado toasts, and a small variety of coffee. I definitely love their vegan banh mi! Surprsingly it's really good not gonna lie, especially coming from a meat eater like myself. During the weekends tho, it can get really busy and the service tends to slow down when there are more people strolling down there. I get it though, it is a small place, and the amount of workers can be minimal.

I'd still give them 5-stars regardless. I live in the area so it's very convenient for me and love the homey atmosphere. It's also a family owned restaurant and I really appreciate everything that they have to offer.
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