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Fumi Japanese Curry & Ramen

Address: 3303 Mission St, San Francisco, CA 94110, United States



Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

I definitely have to check out their other curry dishes.

There's not a whole lot of Japanese restaurants around this part of the Mission but Japanese Curry on top of that? I went here for lunch the other day to try it out. Ordered the chicken katsu curry rice. The curry had a gravy like consistency which I liked a lot. I ordered regular curry but it still had a slight spiciness to it which I didn't mind at all. The chicken katsu was nice and crispy. My water was always filled.
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Luis Moreno

Overall an okay spot to grab a bite to eat if you are in the area.

I was able to get a table right away. I ordered the Chicken Katsu Teppan Curry.

The Chicken Katsu Teppan Curry was decent. The katsu was crispy but it did get soggy pretty fast. The curry flavor was good, but nothing that special to me. I did like the presentation though. The katsu came with rice and eggs and the server poured the curry around the hot teppan when the dish arrived.

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Alice Zhang

Overall would definitely be back!

I could be seated immediately.

I ordered the chicken katsu teppan curry.

The teppan curry looked great (a member of the staff pours warm curry on a sizzling hot plate of katsu chicken and rice), but the food turned out flavorful and delicious. And the omelette crepe in the meal was tasty as well!

The food was reasonably priced for SF.
Overall would definitely be back!

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