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Tani's Kitchen

Address: 32 Park Plaza Dr, Daly City, CA 94015, United States



Profile Image of Harris Alford

Harris Alford

If you like thick Japanese curry, this is the place to try.

It's a very small restaurant , it maybe sits 15 people max!  It is located at the Westlake Shopping Mall along the east side.  It's easy to miss, but don't.

I ordered the curry and rice with chicken kastu. The chicken was piping hot sitting in the curry and the combination was so tasty.

The issue with a tasty dish is that I would return and order the same thing time and time again when I should try something different.

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Phillip Nichols

The food here is okay, nothing special.

My favorite out of everything would probably be the curry.

If I ever crave curry, this might be my go to cause of convenience. I wish they asked what spice level I wanted the curry to be. Not sure if the curry can be spicier but I'll ask next time.

Prices are pretty good and portions are decent. Definitely a small space and kinda cramped. I did see a lot of takeout orders, which is probably a good idea considering it's a small restaurant.

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Mabel Hoffman

Had salmon sashimi and it was great!

I ordered the salmon sashimi and the inari.
The salmon was fresh and tasty and the inari was sweet and fresh too!
I think this place is better for takeout since seating is very limited.
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