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Bob's Donuts & Pastry Shop

Address: 1621 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States



Profile Image of Ryu Nishida

Ryu Nishida

Good value for money! Highly recommended!

I had 2 kinds of donuts here.

1. Cinnamon Roll $2.5
It was too sweet outside and not sweet enough inside so it was unbalanced. Even worse, it was too heavy for my breakfast:(
However, this looks better than the apple fritter! So, I’d recommend this to someone who values looks more👍

2. Apple Fritter $2.95
It was quite nice. It was not too sweet and just!
The apple filling had good cinnamon flavour and decent sweetness. Also, the portion size was large.
I’d quite quite recommend having this here.

The store is a little bit dirty but accepts credit cards and open 24 hours! Especially, there are not many open stores in SF at night so I quite appreciate it.

Overall, considering the portion zines and the quality of donuts, I can say donuts here are reasonable. Again, I highly recommend this place when you crave donuts!

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Profile Image of Aubrey Mills

Aubrey Mills

This place is a low key hidden gem!

I got their crumb donut and it was amazing and I feel like it was warmer it would be like twice as good!
Apparently Ariana grande even was spotted here with a donut!

Highly recommend: crumb donut

Pros: massive and small donuts, unique variety of donuts
Cons: inside is a little bit dirty, donuts would be better warmer

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Profile Image of Clayton Barnett

Clayton Barnett

Delicious Donuts!

First time trying these and they were delicious. They don't accept cash but you can pay with Apple pay or credit/debit card. There was a queue (which is normal here) and waited 5min but it was worth it!

We ordered (from favorite to less favorite):

- Old fashion Chocolate cake (loved the texture and taste)
- Glazed Raised (simple but tasty, could taste the dough and was super soft and not dry at all)
- Crumble cake (liked the crumbles!)
- Glazed chocolate (also nice, but you pretty much  only taste the chocolate)
- Butter milk (was good but perhaps to heavy and oily)
- Glazed Custard Bar (not bad but not a fan of custard)

Overall we pretty much liked all of them. So don't hesitate to go and grab some donuts for breakfast!
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Profile Image of Bill Ray

Bill Ray

Bob's looks more like a coffee shop than a donut shop.

If the donuts trays in the window were empty, one wouldn't know donuts and pastries were the stars in this place. the "fry cook" isn't busy making fries, it's donuts he frying. yep 24/7, the donuts are made in plain sight behind the counter.

eats: creme filled danish  & nut covered donut(2.6)
-donuts/pastry very sweet
-almost melt in one's mouth.
-fresh tasting

-open 24/7
-too habit forming, glad i don't live around here.
-saw a donut/pastry 5" across..
-didn't see any pricing
-coffee sold=farmers, passed.

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