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Saint Frank Coffee

Address: 2340 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States



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Holly Freeman

Overall, I would come back and try their other drinks!

I've been on a phase of trying out different coffee places and Saint Frank's flight caught my eye. I haven't seen any other places in the Bay Area that offered that so I definitely wanted to give it a try. For $8, you get to try coffee that's prepped in 4 ways. You also have the option to add milk and sugar if you liked, but I drank it the way it was. There was one that was too acidic for me, but I did enjoyed the other 3. The baristas were also very knowledgeable in explaining the coffees, but it was a bit hard to hear with the music playing.

I came here on a Friday afternoon and was able to find parking right outside. The shop is a decent size with both small and large tables available. There's also an upstairs area, but I didn't go up to check it out.
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Billy Collins

I live for coffee shops like these.

Open, bright and clean interior with good coffee and enough tables and chairs to chill or get some work done. Upstairs has a single communal table. WiFi available but kinda slow. Metered street parking at $2.50 per hour

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Mabel Hoffman

Expensive, but still I'm drawn to these types of cafes that serves the hipster crowd in a modern minimalist atmosphere.

Lots of space for seating, but come on an overcast or rainy day, you'll find this place rather dark and gloomy. They rely on natural lighting here, so I was a little turned down by the poor reading light. Their cappuccino is solid; would like to try their flight next time.
A little bit of co-worker drama, though, when one of the baristas took my order. He fulfilled the order without a fuss, but didn't make the drink and told the other guy to do it, who in turn, gave him a noticeable eye roll. LOL! What's going on here. Let's talk this out guys, talk this out!

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Harris Alford

Well crafted beverages served through a thoughtful process in a beautiful space.

A lovely coffee shop to get some work done on the weekdays or catch up with a friend on a weekend.

Bright space with lots of natural light, modern, and minimalistic with beautiful design elements integrated in the space. Mostly people working on their laptops alone on the weekdays and busier environment filled with conversations on the weekends.

All the beverages I have tried, from their more creative drinks like the honey lavender latte to just a classic espresso, are delicious. Their pour over is my go to choice. It's silky, smooth, and has a beautiful presentation. Their house made macadamia milk is also really good!

Calm, cool, and collected. The staff here all are really knowledgeable.

*Note that there's an upstairs area that has a large communal table if you want to get some work outside of the main busier area.

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