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Lou's Cafe

Address: 5017 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118, United States



Profile Image of Holly Freeman

Holly Freeman

Everything is really fresh, and their bread is great, too.

I'd ordered several sandwiches, coffees, and a soup of the day from here. Utterly fantastic sandwiches, from the quality to the quantity and flavor combinations. Everything is really fresh, and their bread is great, too. Soup of the day was delicious as well, and comes with cheesy bread. Coffee was good, especially the americano.
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Carolyn Green

I would definitely come back you're going to try more sandwiches and menu items!

I came here to get a sandwich to go. The amount of reviews this place has what caught my eye. I got their veggie licious to go. I must say that it is a very well-balanced sandwich. At $10 for a humongous sandwich that fills you up, it's a pretty good deal. The staff was nice and my sandwich took about five minutes to make. They have some seating inside but it's mainly a takeout place.

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Bill Ray

Good sandwiches at an affordable price, but recent experiences have led me to look elsewhere.

Don't get me wrong, they still serve sandwiches using good quality ingredients, but the overall attention to detail is lacking.

As mentioned in other threads, the lines are very long and customers are taking forever at the register deciding on what to get. They can easily have someone taking orders outside, or at the very least have a stack of menus for everyone to look at.

There is simply not much room to sit, and waiting for your food while crammed at this increasingly popular spot is not pleasant. A boba shop opened up next door, so I really wish they would've expanded to give their customers some extra room to eat.

Finally, the sandwiches are starting to arrive cold. I ordered a hot pastrami the other day, and as much as I respect the assembly line of sandwich makers, it is just not feasible to maintain the same quality and care that I used to know and love.
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