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21 Taste House

Address: 1109 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112, United States



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Carolyn Green

I would definitely visit again and found my meal highly satisfying in terms of quality for price.

Visited on a weekday for lunch. There was no wait. The space was good for a small group (~4-6). Was surprised at the menu selection, reasonable prices, large servings, especially at a location like Ocean Ave.

I intended on getting the deep fried soft shell crab ramen, but they were already out for the day. Instead, I got the classic tonkotsu. The broth was a pleasant combination of garlic and simmered broth - possibly my favorite aspect. The pork was tender but wasn't falling part. Kind of wish there were more veggies, to balance out the meat. The quail egg and crab meat garnish were a nice touch to complete the ramen and create a signature accent. Overall, I would definitely visit again and found my meal highly satisfying in terms of quality for price.

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Luis Moreno


Yes, you read all those correctly. This ramen shop serves their lobster and pork flavored broth in most of their ramens. Even their special shoyu (soy sauce) and miso broth are also flavored with lobster! They offer many different ramens but their Hakata Tonkotsu is limited to only 15 servings a day. So if you happen to be one of the lucky few to be able to order it, do it.

You can also go for their house specialty ramen which allows you to adjust the spice level and is topped with soft shell crab and crab meat!!!

If you're allergic to seafood, they do have classic ramens without the lobster flavor, so you have your basic tonkotsu (pork), shoyu, and miso in which you can also adjust the spice level to your liking.

If you like spicy, try the homemade spicy tonkotsu ramen! It comes loaded with garlic chili paste and also soft shell crab. I had ordered this the first time because they ran out of their Hakata Tonkotsu and I was getting the sniffles, but it was worth the nose sweat.

Service is great, the server/host is super friendly and patient, I never once felt rushed.

My only gripe about this place is that they don't give enough noodles, but can you really complain when the prices are so so so reasonable?! You are getting lobster flavor and soft shell crab for under $15 people!!! (More like $10-12/bowl) The only expensive item is the Dx Lobster Meat Ramen because duh, lobster meat. But even then, that costs you about $18.

So say soft shell crab, one more time. :)

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