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Klatch Coffee

Address: 1452 Franklin St, San Francisco, CA 94109, United States



Profile Image of Rose George

Rose George

I'm so excited for this new cafe!

It's great for working out of. Very bright and open and airy because of the large windows. Service is quick and friendly, and the WiFi's pretty good.

I loved my latte and morning bun. The baked goods are from Craftsmen and Wolves and they have lots of options! The latte was pricey but very good and hey it's San Francisco.

I'll definitely be back--this is the best coffee and cafe in the area!

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Profile Image of Alice Zhang

Alice Zhang

Perfect for a quick coffee or reading space

Good lattes. Not sure why, but each time I've been, my latte isn't hot enough.

Love that they have Craftsman and Wolves pastries, but total bummer that they don't heat them. So lame! Toast are delicious, too, but not very filling.

Space is nice, clean, and new, but the Wi-Fi sucks. Tried to use my laptop, but I had a very hard time staying signed on. I gave up after 30 minutes.

Overall, I would say this place is perfect for a quick coffee or reading space. Guess that's all you really need.
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